Catholic Engaged Encounter of Long Island

From Our Couples

The Engaged Encounter of Long Island program has helped many couples take the first step towards entering into a sacramental and holy marriage. Don't take our word for it though. Listen to hear what our participants had to say!

"After attending this Catholic Engaged Encounter, I understand that to have a successful and loving marriage, Church and God must and will be present. Upon arrival, I can honestly say that I was hesitant about this place, but as time passed after each reading and seminar, I saw a change in myself about faith, love, and unity. This weekend was the best decision I have ever made."

Adam G.

"What I gained from this weekend is absolute confidence that I am without a doubt with the man that God intended me to marry. I've also been able to draw inspiration from other couples especially the team couple Lenny and Pat and Gary and Kristin. I am more excited than ever to embark on this amazing adventure that a faith-centered marriage will be."

Diana C.

"I came here expecting long boring discussions. I also expected to grow stronger in my faith in God and grow closer to my fiance. I gained so much from this weekend. The topics and discussions were not boring. They opened my eyes to things I didn't know and opened up my heart to express how I truly feel about God and my fiance. I strongly suggest attending the Engaged Encounter weekend. You won't regret it."

Kevin O.

"I have learned so much about my fiance and the value of our marriage. We spoke about how we can each be life-giving to one aother. We discussed many important topics like children and finances. We grew in our faith and truly feel God's blessing upon our union as future husband and wife. We grew to love each other even more."

Kimberly D.

"I gained what I was looking for. I found the reason why I would spend the rest of my life with my future husband. It was amazing to feel him so close emotionally speaking and it was a precious gift to discover the presence and importance of God in our lives.

Maria C.

"I was able to find a new sense of commitment, which includes communication, forgiveness, understanding, and faith."

Matthew H.

"I gained a lot of knowledge of what it takes to be in a marriage and steps to have a successful marriage. I especially learned the importance of praying as a couple and having God present in our lives."

Odalys C.

"It's a peaceful environment to bond with your partner and truly connect on a deeper level. I really listened with both ears all weekend, to the presenters, father, and of coarse, my fiance. Thank you for making us feel welcomed and loved."

Ali B.

"Our group leaders this weekend were excellent. We are very appreciative of the time and effort they put into the weekend."

Heather B.

"Thank you everyone for being so kind this weekend. Everyone had great relatable stories that we all go through and some great ways of working through those hard times."

Julianne M.