Catholic Engaged Encounter of Long Island

Our National History

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) is an international organization founded in 1975 to offer a marriage preparation program based on the Catholic faith. We are a 501(c)(3) organization independent of any parish or diocese. CEE is operated by volunteers and financed by registration fees and contributions. It has grown since its founding, from several dozen couples and priests in just a few dioceses to several thousand in nearly all of the dioceses within the U.S. CEE has expanded from the U.S. and is in many countries throughout the world. Other faith traditions have adapted the CEE model to meet the needs of their engaged couples. Couples who volunteer with CEE come from every walk of life, but share a common belief. They believe that marriage is a decision that should be entered into carefully and with thorough consideration, and that CEE makes a positive and lasting difference in the world, couple by couple.


Our Local History

Over the years our community had weathered the changes in society regarding the dwindling number of marriages on the Catholic Church. Our outline has been completely revised to reflect many changes such as our means of communication and other things new in our lives. Our community of presenters has also changed over the years, but still are people committed to sharing what they feel is important to help engaged couples experience a happy and life-giving marriage together.